Great service!

Great service!

Great service! Thanks Matt!

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Very Great Service

Very great service. Felt very welcome. Got me the exact car that I wanted. Honda is very good with their service, and the salesperson was very nice and made it awesome to buy a new car! 

Very Happy

Very happy with my purchase. I had the best sales man in South-West, Nova Scotia. I migt be a little biased because Josh Foote is my son.

Very easy to work with

Very easy to work with. Thanks Mariann!

Thanks Daniel!

When I buy a new vehicle I can take a few months or a year to make a decision on what I should get. Part of that process is talking with an expert dealer. Daniel puts up with my endless emails and questions that both my wife and I have. Even after buying our new 2015 CRV Touring there will be more questions sent his way.

Daniel doesn't shy away but gives us the expert advice I have come to expect from him. We won't be dealing with anyone else - period! 

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