Easy and hassle-free

Easy and hassle-free

We really enjoyed being able to negotiate over the phone and email. It made our experience easy and hassle-free. Thanks so much!

Other customers satisfied


Amazing! Thank you so much with my first purchase! Great service!

Would Definitely Recommend

Matt was great and explained everything. I would definitely recommend Matt for future references in purchasing a car.

Very Good

A really good experience with the salesman, and very good explanations of the vehicles as well. I'm very happy.

It's not the first purchase

I've known Darrell for a long time. This is not the first purchase, he's helped me with, nor will it be the last.

I cannot say enough, he went above and beyond as a sales consultant and continues to do so. He was able to get me the best possible deal, clearly it was a great one as I've purchased the car!

The service at Bruce Honda has been impeccable and it's always a pleasure. I would highly recommend Darrell Baker and the rest of the team at Bruce Honda. 

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